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Edible young vegetable greens used both as a visual and flavour component, easy to grow and maintain. A great starting point for beginner urban farmers.

DIY power supply for your LED lights
A guide how to choose and transform a regular PC power supply to provide your plants with some artificial LED lighting.
A month of growing microgreens: what I have learned
My first month of farming is over, so I prepared a little recap of mistakes I made. As they say, every mistake is a lesson and every lesson is a step forward.

Basic plant biology

An introduction to understanding how plants grow and develop, exploring their structure, chemical processes, and behavior.

What a plant remembers
While your favorite plant might not remember your birthday, it will certainly know more about the last winter than you do.
How a plant knows where it is?
You could probably guess how a plant would react if you placed your flowerpot upside down. Do you know why though?