Welcome to the blog!

Ready to dive into urban farming? Let's take a tour of the website to know what you can find here and what you should expect in the near future!

First of all, thank you for visiting this project! It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced farmer, backyard gardener or just a curious stranger browsing the internet, I am really excited to be able to welcome you here and show you around. We will be taking a quick look at a concept behind this website and making sure you know what to expect here.

About me

It would feel wrong to not introduce myself first. My name is Jiri, I am a university student, currently living in Prague, Czech Republic. I was never really into nature, plants and flowers, in my teen years I spend most of my time behind a computer screen. Unfortunately, I can’t really describe how I got into agriculture and urban farming, it just somehow came to me. What I can tell you is that I really like exploring interesting topics, learning about stuff and making things happen. Investing my time in plants, therefore, was reasonable enough for me from various perspectives – it is easy enough to pick up without any formal education of the given subject, yet something not everybody in real life does. There is also a great area for innovation, experiments and public influencing. All of the above is nice, nonetheless, words without an execution don’t matter at all. And that is the moment this website comes into play. It serves multiple purposes, so please, let me walk you through them.

For me personally, it is a great tool to be responsible and keep going, and by having an audience (and trust me, even 1 person is already a huge success) I will be motivated to work hard on the project and myself as a person. Studying by yourself and then explaining things to other is a tremendous way to achieve excellence in given area. It could potentially be also used as a kind of a portfolio, in case I would ever like to do this professionally and apply for a job in the agriculture sector, or simply as a proof of my abilities and skills. Not only that I can grow plants, but I am also learning how to code websites, present yourself on social media, how to write and much more.

It would not make much sense to build a website for personal reasons only though. This point might be a little bit too much presumptuous, but let me explain again. I hope you will agree that nowadays many people are blinded by an overnight success, which is not even a real thing. Finding shortcuts is a dream that attracts young crowds, only resulting in fail and not nearly adequate work input. The pain and sweat behind success are always there, but not nearly as visible, and that is something I feel we are currently missing. Documenting every step via this blog, from the very beginning, creates a journal to show how things are done. It is not important if I win or fail in the end, it is all about the story and actions. To show that with grind everything is possible, or to learn from mistakes. Imagine sticking to this document for 20 years and transforming into a prosperous company – how awesome would it be to have every taken move recorded!

The website

And that being said, we are finally moving to the blog itself. My goal is basically sharing the journey from zero to somewhere, meaning that you will be able to almost live it exactly like me – there will be an article on every valuable information that I gain. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the information will be new or resourceful for you as well. Especially in the beginning, I will be focusing even on the most basic stuff. To not depend only on a chronological sorting, in the menu you can find a categories button. All articles will be sorted appropriately so that you can easily find texts fitting your needs or likes.

Next to categories we have projects, and as you can read in the intro of the page, they are collections of articles dedicated to specific urban farming systems. My idea behind this page is to provide stand-alone guides (or some kind of Instructables if you will) for people who would like to reproduce published builds on their own. Every project will ideally have an introduction, the build guide itself (including items you will need, construction instructions and other details) and some retrospective analysis to point out problems or other possibilities to learn from in the future. There is no particular idea of what I will be covering yet. I know that I would like to build a personal food computer and rebuild a garage at my house into a small farm at some point. Other than that, I will be choosing project mainly as they come and go, based on what I decide is worth building myself and sharing with others. So be sure to check out the page from time to time, you never know what is coming next!

Other than these two, I tried to style this website as any other blog. I would like to point out that this is my first experience in this area and therefore it probably will not be perfect, yet I would like to think that it will serve its purpose well. I will be working on fixes and upgrades all the time, so if you find something strange or have suggestions how to improve reader’s experience, please, be sure to write me a message (contact in the footer), it is highly appreciated. Another aspect I really need to work on is obviously my writing. Again, a new skill that needs time and practice. I guess it adds to my authenticity and story of a complete beginner. I still hope you will enjoy your stay in here though, that I will be able to provide you with some useful articles and we will be able to connect and produce some great food together!