Understanding plants

Do you want to learn how plants react to different colors of lights, how they sense gravity or what cells they are built of?

Aside from building various systems for food production and such, I have also decided to study and write about the biological development of plants. I don’t really think it is a necessity to be deeply educated in this area just to grow something, however it is a nice thing to know and certainly at some point I would face this deficit. Sure, a person who takes care of his or her garden probably knows this stuff anyway, without any super-technical details, and it works just fine, the reality is that I don’t have any experience like this and since I have already started with more “artificial” ways of production, I prefer faster learning through reading or watching videos over hands-on action in backyard.

In upcoming articles I will be sourcing from various free courses, videos and trying to capture the most important information. You can understand it as if you would borrow notes from your friend in a university. All the sources will be still linked though, so you will be always able to reach the original material by yourself. My ultimate goal is to understand plants enough so that I can modify current systems to specific needs of my resources. We will be looking at fundamentals of plant biology, both from a plant cell structure and a whole-plant structure, but also more fun topics to understand what plants see, smell, feel or remember. I am also fully open to any suggestion, as always, so feel free to email me or contact me via social media – links in the footer.

So be sure to check the basic plant biology category regularly and pick up some practical knowledge!