An update on my journey

A quick rundown of what's been happening recently with the project and what you can expect to see in upcoming months.

Let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to the news! I have applied for a membership in a local student startup incubator under the auspices of Czech University of Life Sciences and have been successfully accepted. I couldn’t be more excited to take yet another step towards making my goals a reality. Over the next few months, I will be attending a lot of workshops covering all areas of entrepreneurship, including law, business, marketing and much more. I will be also able to get in touch with other experienced people with similar interests, and there will be a mentor to keep me on track too. Working on the transformation into an actual business was my plan from the start, but this will significantly speed up the process since we will be able to focus on specific problems rather than me researching entire categories on my own. Of course, there will be some required work to be done from my side as well, but it will only move me forward, plus I am always inspired to share and contribute to other interesting activities. It also gives me even more mental support for my project, because there will be a larger group of people backing me up, which is always a nice thing to have.

Even though many topics we will go through in articles here on the blog during following months could be very geographically limited (mainly by the laws), I think you will still be able to pick up some general points to focus on even in your situation if you are just beginning. You can expect posts on individual products, on steps required to starting a business, setting up your location and related questions.

Unfortunately, I am forced to cancel current (and still not active) operations in the project category. The personal food computer would serve me no profitable purpose at this point and I would like to invest most of my money into costs of starting a new business. I’m hoping that one day I will still be able to take part in this MIT initiative, but at this moment there are simply other priorities. The garage rebuild is going to be canceled too because food production laws in my country are more strict than I expected – which is great to have though. We will be therefore moving from a home setup to regular production place and I will be of course describing it all on this blog.

On the other hand, I will be announcing new projects soon, this time possibly even more useful for others. Before launching the production, I will be working on automation via Arduino and similar hardware, making tasks such as lightning, water flooding and sensor measuring much easier, controlled by a script. Everything will be properly documented and published on GitHub so that you can implement it into your projects or maybe even contribute to it. Aside from all of this, it will also allow me to monitor and collect data better and optimize all growing processes.

I understand this as an opportunity to get better in multiple areas that will be vital in the future. One of them is my lack of activity in here as well as on social media. I will be adjusting my goals to get slowly used to the whole process of putting out more content. I would like to not promise something and then not keep it, so hopefully, the scary idea of me apologizing to you in next article will do the job. I look forward to writing next posts since there are multiple interesting topics and I hope you share this excitement!