How we built the AvantGarden
What does it take for a group of strangers to come up with a feasible, sustainable and innovative concept of a future urban greenhouse?
Challenges of urban agriculture
What we are searching for at the moment is not a specific technology or method but rather a new generation of farmers.
A year of Young Spinach
A quick look back at some major milestones of my urban farming journey, and a preview of what is coming in the next chapters of this story.
Starting a company: Know your market (part 2)
Understanding your competition and how to target your customers can be a crucial part of your success. Make sure you are prepared for your launch.
Halfway there with the ultimate urban greenhouse
Our concept of the ultimate urban greenhouse for the international student challenge is slowly coming together, let's do a quick recap of the process.
Starting a company: Know your market (part 1)
The fact that your friends like your work doesn't mean everyone else will buy your product - doing a market research first might not be a bad idea.
What a plant remembers
While your favorite plant might not remember your birthday, it will certainly know more about the last winter than you do.
Starting a company: Pen and paper first
Start building your food production company on a paper before you waste valuable time and money on problems that could have been solved beforehand.
Designing the ultimate urban greenhouse
We are happy to take part in an international student challenge to design the Ultimate Urban Greenhouse organized by Wageningen University & Research.
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