The manifesto

I have decided to begin and document my agricultural journey from zero. With no formal education in the given subject, starting with small challenges before moving on to the bigger ones, I am going to share my gained know-how and experience with everyone through this blog. My goal is to inspire others to take risks and put in work to accomplish their dreams.

About Young Spinach

Young Spinach is a blog with an aim to capture the process of discovering of and learning about urban farming. It is a journal recording all my discoveries, experience, victories, and struggles.

Apart from being a personal portfolio, it is a platform for connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing ideas and progress, and supporting global craftsmanship and cooperation.

And while all of this might not be unique, the idea of looking back sometime in the future is just too exciting to not give it a go. If only this had inspired a single person, it would be all I could possibly wish for.