Starting a company: Know your market (part 1)
The fact that your friends like your work doesn't mean everyone else will buy your product - doing a market research first might not be a bad idea.
What a plant remembers
While your favorite plant might not remember your birthday, it will certainly know more about the last winter than you do.
Starting a company: Pen and paper first
Start building your food production company on a paper before you waste valuable time and money on problems that could have been solved beforehand.
Designing the ultimate urban greenhouse
We are happy to take part in an international student challenge to design the Ultimate Urban Greenhouse organized by Wageningen University & Research.
An update on my journey
A quick rundown of what's been happening recently with the project and what you can expect to see in upcoming months.
How a plant knows where it is?
You could probably guess how a plant would react if you placed your flowerpot upside down. Do you know why though?
What a plant feels
As the answer if plants feel anything should be obvious, let me guide you through some details about this topic in the following article.
DIY power supply for your LED lights
A guide how to choose and transform a regular PC power supply to provide your plants with some artificial LED lighting.
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